Seeding, Dusting & 
Decorating Line

Using polycord or mesh conveyors together with combinations of spraying, topping, sprinkling and extruding heads, a range of modular seeding, topping and spraying lines are offered from standard to complex bespoke systems.

Starting with an indexed conveyor, available from 1.5 to 6 metres in length,  on stainless steel brushed finish chassis, up to three heads can be mounted making this unit an ideal multipurpose system for dusting, seeding or sprinkling a wide variety of toppings onto a range of products.

From individual items placed onto the polycord conveyor to trays of product up to 600mm wide, the line ensures an even distribution of toppings onto the product. Width of topping is controlled by adjustable slides on each head and overspill is captured in easily removable drawers mounted underneath each head, allowing recycling and eliminating waste.

Each head has an independently controlled variable deposit speed and the conveyor is also variable and independently controlled thus providing consistency and accuracy of deposit or topping. The control box is mounted at high level for ease of access and component safety. Operator interface and control is via a touch screen panel on the front of the electrical cabinet.

Since the units are modular, extra conveyors can be linked in to meet production expansion whether for throughput or variety of product.

Where desired, bespoke extended conveyors are available and each system is designed to meet individual customer needs. Ease of operation, cleaning and user interface is of primary importance.

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