Injector Gel System

    The Injectagel system is designed for the injection of fillings at temperature up to 98 Degrees C into a range of bakery, patisserie and savoury products. It is ideal for the injection of gelatine type fillings into pie products. It is also suitable for fruit purées into cakes and sponges; jams, custards and some cream products into doughnuts; savoury purees without particulates into pastry cases; hot cross bun topping, brine, sauces or any other free flowing liquid into jars or formers and many other applications such as lacing decoration on cakes.

    Each system can be fitted with 4mm, 6mm or 8mm diameter needles depending on the application. It must be connected to an oil free air compressor system with a maximum pressure of 40 psi. Free standing small dedicated compressors, either single or twin, run from a 13 amp electrical supply can be provided.

    The 17 Litre stainless steel canister is robust and, providing it is cleaned and not misused, will give many years of trouble free service. A half size canister is also available

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