Transfer Pumps and Depositing Pumps

    The Depositing Pumps have been specifically designed to deposit products directly from the mixing bowl or tote bin. Two models are available the first, an entry level machine is on a fixed frame with manual tilt mechanism to allow the unit to be used with a range of mixing bowls. It has a 50mm diameter suction tube and is offered with a 38mm depositing gun.

    The larger unit operates on a pneumatically operated raise and lower mast with a manual tilt mechanism and this makes the unit extremely versatile with regard to the size of mixing bowls that it is used with. The suction tube is 100mm diameter and the unit is offered with a choice of either a 25mm or a 38mm depositing gun.

    Both units are manufactured from brushed finish stainless steel with FDA approved food grade plastic components. Mounted on mobile base frames the units are operator friendly, efficient and easy to clean. A range of nozzles and attachments are available for depositing, injecting and layering. Also available is a standalone transfer pump without depositing capabilities to be used alongside other equipment.

    The range has been designed to suit the needs of the Bakery, Confectionery and Food Service Industries as well as having applications in the Pharmaceutical sector. Each model has the capability of depositing numerous flowable products such as cake batter, muffin batter, sponge batter, fruited batter, fruit fillings and purees with or without particulates, custards, sauces, soups, liquids, and many other items.

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