Screw Paste Extruder

Offering a sensible solution for difficult products which are not able to be processed by piston and gear depositors.

The screw paste extruder can handle products such as flapjacks, non-viscous pastes and meat based products such as pasty fillings. Particulates are easily dealt with.

Mounted on a mobile stainless steel chassis, with variable speed offtake conveyor, this screw paste extruder has been designed and built with standalone features or the ability to be integrated or feed further equipment. With further options available to be line mounted or integrated into an automatic tray loading system. Designed with the bakery, confectionery and food service industries in mind. 

The body is constructed from stainless steel, brush finished and the screw itself is made from aluminium. The pitch of the screw and its variable speed creates a constant pressure on the product so that an air pocket free homogenous extrusion is ensured. A PTFE coating on the screw is available as an option. 

The screw paste extruder can be supplied with interchangeable shape templates offering a complete bespoke extruded product with an envelope of 150mm round. This offers a larger size product than most other formers on the market.

Clean accurate portioning is achieved via a time-adjustable control system with a pneumatic guillotine. An ultrasonic cutting option is available for tough and difficult to cut products with large inclusions.

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