Stirred Melting Kettle

The Melting Kettle comes in four sizes, a 75lt mobile model and 100lt, 250lt and 400lt static models. It is designed to heat chocolate compounds, fondants, jams, marmalades, grease or any other liquids to a given temperature and keep the product stirred to ensure uniformity and consistency.

The Kettle is constructed of Stainless Steel with an attractive brushed finish and the unit is mounted on a low level support frame for easy positioning and legs that can be adjusted by up to 100mm for levelling.  The stirrer is also stainless steel and is available with FDA approved food grade plastic scrapers fitted to prevent product residue on the melting chamber surface. 

The hinged cover has a safety switch which will stop the machine as soon as the cover has been lifted.  The constantly turning stirring device operates via a shaft through a central column eliminating the use of seals that can break down, ensuring there is no contamination of the product. Fitted with a soft start to provide smooth product blending the stirring device will not rotate until the product temperature has reached its set point (this can be pre-set) thus protecting the motor and gear box. Rotation speed is set at 16RPM to maintain product quality although a variable speed motor is available as an option.

The 250lt and 400lt units are triple walled non pressure vessels insulated to the outside and as standard, filled with water to provide heat to the product inside the container. The electrical cabinet and control panel is mounted at high level for easy access, operator interface and component safety. Dual temperature setting prevents agitation before the set melt point and inhibits the product overheating. Product temperature is normally set between 0 - 80 Deg C. but as an option at the customer’s request, thermal oil can be used as the heating medium to allow higher product temperatures. The control panel can be remotely mounted if requested.

The outlet has a 75mm stainless steel butterfly valve mounted to the front for emptying and is fitted using tri clover clamps for ease of removal/cleaning. 

The 100lt unit has the same safety features and design systems but is duo walled and only available as a water filled unit.

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