Cake Decorating Systems

Various options are available for cake decorating and icing. From single station units to modular automated conveyor systems. Top and bottom borders, top and side icing, depositing fillings between cake layers and rosette decoration are just some of the effects that can be achieved. The single station unit combines a model 95 depositor mounted on a manually adjustable mast linked to a 360 degree turntable which can be fully indexed, depending on the application. The operator friendly control panel is mounted above the turntable for ease of operation, access and component safety. A choice of product cylinder sizes on the depositor together with a wide range of outlets and decorating heads means that the system is very versatile. Higher production throughputs can be reached using a modular system by combining depositors side mounted or bridge mounted over an indexed conveyor. Conveyors are 2.5 metres long manufactured from brush finished stainless steel. The choice of depositor model, hopper size, product cylinder and outlet offers a wide range of possibilities. Where desired, bespoke systems are available and designed to meet the individual customers need. On the modular systems, Mitsubishi controllers and SMC pneumatics and actuation systems ensure high quality units with world-wide back up.

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