Cake Slicers

Operating on a 2.5 metre stainless steel brushed finish belt conveyor, a choice of two slicing heads is offered to meet different product needs. Both units have been specifically designed for the bread and confectionery industry.

The cutting head of the in-line reciprocating blade cake slicer holds from one to four blades with the distance between each blade being easily adjusted. Speed of the blades and speed of the conveyor are individually controlled and variable which ensures a perfect horizontal cut each time on a wide range of products such as sponge cake, fruit cake as well as bread based items.

The maximum overall height of product that can be handled is 150mm. Depending on the diameter or width of product to be sliced, extra lanes can be incorporated on the 600mm wide conveyor greatly enhancing production throughput.

The single horizontal blade band slicer is ideal for products such as burger rolls, hot dog rolls, crusty rolls, baguettes and other similar items. An adjustable height top conveyor band with independently controlled variable speed, effects correct presentation of the product to the blade under a controlled pressure. The bottom conveyor and cutting blade speeds are also variable and independently controlled so that a perfect cut is secured.

On both units the electrical cabinet and control box is mounted at high level for ease of access, operator interface and component safety.

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