Bespoke Production Line

Using belt, string or mesh conveyors together with combinations of depositors, spray, topping, sprinkling and extruding heads, a wide range of modular production lines are offered from standard to complex bespoke systems. 

Starting with an indexed 2.5 metre conveyor on stainless steel chassis, model 35, 65 or 95 depositors can be bridge mounted in series or parallel over the conveyor or in the case of the 65 & 95 models mounted on fixed height masts stationed alongside the line. Feeding these depositors using food transfer pumps ensures continuous productivity.

With a choice of hopper capacity, varying deposit speeds, four different product cylinder sizes and a wide range of outlets attached to the depositors, offers the capability of depositing numerous products for the Bakery, Confectionery and Food Service industries. Adding in spraying or extruding heads to the system presents extremely versatile solutions to meet almost every production need.

Since all the units are modular, extra conveyors can be linked in to meet production expansion whether for throughput or variety of product.

Where desired, bespoke extended conveyors are available and each system is designed to meet individual customer needs. Ease of operation, cleaning and user interface is of primary importance.

Mitsubishi controllers and SMC pneumatics and actuation systems ensure high quality units with world-wide back up.

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